What CEREC Crowns Can Do For You
By Garrett T. Hayashi, DDS
November 18, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How CEREC crowns from your dentist in Honolulu, HI, can help your smile

Do you need a new dental crown? If so, are you concerned about it taking weeks to get your new crown? There is a revolutionary new crown-and-bridgecrown technology you need to know about. It’s called CEREC same-day crown technology and it allows you to have your crown made in-office in just one appointment! Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi in Honolulu, HI, offers CEREC crowns to help your smile—read on to learn more!


More about Crowns

In the past, getting a dental crown required at least two appointments. The first was a tooth preparation appointment, followed by waiting weeks for your new crown to be delivered from a dental laboratory. Then at the second appointment, your dentist would finally place your crown. During those weeks of waiting, you would have to wear a less comfortable temporary crown.

However, those days are gone, thanks to CEREC same-day crowns! CEREC uses a technology known as CAD/CAM which stands for computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing. CAD/CAM uses a system of 3D imaging combined with precise computer measurement to design your beautiful new dental crown in a quick and reliable fashion!

Because of its unique, ground-breaking technology, CEREC crowns offer several advantages, including:

  • A beautifully natural-looking crown, because CEREC crowns are made of high-grade dental ceramic that closely resembles natural tooth structure.
  • A perfectly fitting crown, because CEREC crowns are created from a precisely measured template that is unique to your tooth.
  • No need for a temporary crown, because your new CEREC crown is made in the office, while you wait.


Need Dental Work Done? Give Us a Call

You and your smile deserve to enjoy the many advantages of CEREC same-day crowns. To learn more about this amazing crown manufacture technology and how it can help your smile, call your dentist, Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi in Honolulu, HI, today at (808) 536-5090.