Could Invisalign Help Me?

How Invisalign from your dentist in Honolulu can help you smile again


If you have rotated, poorly-aligned teeth, Invisalign can help. If you have stopped smiling because of a crooked smile, Invisalign can help. The truth is Invisalign can give you a straight smile quickly, comfortably, and discreetly. Dr. Garrett Hayashi in Honolulu, HI, wants to share the facts about Invisalign, the state-of-the-art way to a straight smile.

When you think of straightening your smile, do you think of brackets and wires? Do you think of wearing braces for years? Do you think of discomfort? If so, it’s time to think differently about orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is different for many reasons including:

  • Rapid results, because Invisalign treatment takes only 9 to 15 months, compared to years with conventional brackets and wires
  • Comfortable treatment, because Invisalign is made of smooth plastic with no sharp metal parts
  • Cosmetic beauty, because Invisalign appliances are clear plastic which is virtually invisible to those around you
  • Easy maintenance, because you can remove Invisalign appliances to brush and floss your teeth normally
  • Satisfaction and good health, because you can eat the foods you want and love, without worrying about food getting caught in your braces

Invisalign treatment can still correct many of the same problems as conventional orthodontics, without the hassle of brackets and wires. These are some common problems which can be corrected with Invisalign:

  • Underbite or overbite
  • Open bite or crossbite
  • Overlapped or crowded teeth
  • Gapped or poorly-aligned teeth

Invisalign treatment starts out with a first set of appliances, called aligners. You wear the first set for 2 weeks, and then move on to another set, which you wear for another 2 weeks. You progress to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks as your teeth gradually and comfortably move into position. Treatment typically requires between 9 and 15 months.

If you want a straight smile more quickly, comfortably, and discreetly than you have ever thought possible, Invisalign can help. To get started, simply pick up the phone and call Dr. Hayashi in Honolulu, HI, today!

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